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In today’s age of technology, the remaining storage in your device is often not enough and big corporations are valuing extra data storage at a premium price. And that is why it is a great idea to invest in a premium-level flash drive like the 4-IN-1 USB flash drive by Green lion. It is compatible with iOS devices, USB 3.0 devices (USB-C and USB-A) and Micro USB interface devices.

  • This USB memory drive has a 128GB worth of storage, it is compatible with practically all audio and video formats. You can always enjoy downloading your favorite music and movies with zero concerns about your phone, camera, laptop or tablet running out of memory.
  • It has a simple plug and play feature, so you wont need any configuration beforehand to start utilizing its rapid RPM transfer speed.
  • The flash drive is designed to be perfectly light and portable. This USB 3.0 flash drive is covered by a metal frame, which adds needed protection and durability against any possible damages.
  • USB-A, USB-C, Lightning, and Micro USB ports, 128 GB Of Storage, High-Speed Data Transfer Capability.

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