About Ebeanomarket


Ebeanomarket is an e-marketplace platform, setup for local companies, manufacturers, SMEs, and entrepreneurs to have an easy way of doing business from anywhere to everywhere.

As technology continues to evolve, our commitment will always be the same; connecting buyers to sellers, making customers happy and as well increasing sales for vendors. This online service is the way to the future and we leverage on its strengths to handle virtually everything just by the click of a button, ranging from buying and selling of commodities to building and repairs to renting and hotel reservations, even logistics to education, the possibilities are just endless on our platform.



As part of Ebeanomarket.com LIMITED our vision is to continue to thrive in this new Global age and become a choice major player in the E-commerce industry with a view to rendering services, easily accessible by all at a quicker and cheaper rate devoid of hitches.

As a platform, we will continue to innovate and develop activities to help businesses especially Small businesses to do more and discover new opportunities. Whether it’s sourcing from your mobile phone or any type of electronic devices or contacting suppliers in their locals, turn to ebeanomarket.com for all your business needs.


Our Team

Our management team consists of dedicated employees and technical advisors.  Their backgrounds consist of more than 5-to-20 years of experience in e-commerce, marketing and the Internet technology.  In addition to their professional experience, the management team has over 10 years of college domain experience. 



ebeanomarket.com will offer the top brands and the small business merchants a unique blend of e-tools, services, and content that is not offered by any single company on the Internet in Nigeria. We will aggregate participants(Traffic), products, services and content to create a one-stop-sourcing e-marketplace wholesale and retail platform, including E-business directory targeting 7.8 million Small businesses, Local manufacturers, Nonperishable Agricultural produce(Farmers) and Service industries.